It appears that there’s a good reason why HIIT trainers would prefer a good workout music to accompany them during an intense group session. A new study has discovered that gym newbies like it better when there’s music to pump up their energy.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. If you haven’t tried this one before and you’re  a bit hesitant because of the “high-intensity” part, this new discovery suggests you’ll do better with some tunes.

Why You Should Listen to Music When You Do HIIT, According to Science

When University of British Columbia (UBC) researchers asked people who were new to HIIT to try a sprint-interval workout either with or without music, both groups came away with positive attitudes. But those who sweated to a playlist felt even better about the routine than those who’d worked out in silence. Read more…

Different people mean different workout personalities. There are those who like yoga as their main workout routine because it’s relaxing and it gives them a sense of balance. As for people who want to feel that intense burn, Pilates is their forte. Others like to run for miles and some lift weights like they’re insane.

However, high intensity interval training proves that it’s one of the best exercises out there. It gives you all time benefits but we can all agree that it’s crazy hard. This time though, there’s a quick fix. Music.

Hate HIIT? Science Says Music Might Make It Way More Bearable

Listening to music will most likely make you enjoy HIIT more, according to a new study published in the Journal of Sports Sciences. The study put 20 healthy men and women—who’d never done HIIT before—to the test with some sprinting intervals. Read more…

An HIIT workout includes short bursts of exercises that last for 20-30 seconds, a rest period, and then repeat. These modules are done for about 3-10 minutes.

Mercola Fitness says that listening to some tunes might improve HIIT enthusiasm. The research explains that music motivates trainees to perform better during sessions. The exercise itself is a life-saver for most. The degree of intensity matters and that’s what’s important when seeing results.

Why You Should Listen to Music When You Work Out

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been in the forefront of fitness trends for the last handful of years, and far from being a fad that fizzled, it’s still considered one of the most effective ways to get into tip-top shape quicker than other methods. Read more…

Check this video from Popsugar about this intense fat blasting exercise:


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FurtherMore from Equinox tells us about the actual reason why adding this tool to your lifting routine can be useful. It’s not just because it looks cool. Yes, we agree that that’s awesome but let’s keep it real:

This simple tool lets you gain more on basic lifts like benches, back squats and deadlifts. When you put these around a barbell, it lets you work double time, making you gain speed in your routine. 

The Real Reason To Lift With Chains

They may look intimidating, but “chains are an advanced tool to make gains on basic lifts: benches, back squats and deadlifts,” says Dianna Scotece, a Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox in New York City. Read more…

Becca Borawski Jenkins from Breaking Muscle says that it doesn’t matter if you’re a powerlifting veteran or a strength-con newbie. You can still end up having a lot of benefits when it comes to lifting.

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning released a study that analyzed the use of chains and deadlifting. The research team wanted to see if the deadlift can be performed with speed. While this exercise has been categorized under slow lifts, this can be utilized to increase strength and speed.

Deadlifting with Chains: Why Science Says Chains Work

Maybe you’re a powerlifter and you’re used to hanging chains off your barbell or maybe you’re new to strength training and you’re a little scared of powerlifters and all their toys and contraptions. Either way, you could probably benefit from some science behind the use of chains. Read more…

Elite FTS author Bobby Congalton says that this tool can be used in the most difficult situations: tow boats, lift steel beams, and pull trailers. In StrengthCon, we use these tools in an entirely different way: chains get lifted and become the load.

Lifting chains isn’t new – some have been training with these tools for at least ten years.  Resistance training was developed and in order for you to understand the advantages of using this tool, check the exercises that are suitable for the category.

Benefits of Lifting Chains

Chains—they’re used to tow boats, lift steel beams, and pull trailers. You name it and they can lift it. In the world of strength and conditioning, chains have a totally different function. Instead of doing the lifting and handling of the load, they are the things being lifted and they actually become the load. Read more…

If you’re interested in lifting, check out this video from Elite FTS for appropriate set up:


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Mike Sheridan from T-Nation suggests that this is the best full-body MetCon exercise for you. What’s great about this: it’ll work your body real good.

The first on the list is the Rope-Row and Sled Push exercise. You have to tie a rope to a sled or Prowler then work with your knees slightly bent. You have to start pulling the sled towards you. Use one hand at a time. Your ultimate goal here is speed but you’ve got to make sure that you’re executing a full extension with each one-arm row and your entire body.

Want More Of These Exercises? Take A Peek At The List Below:

Tip: Full-Body Metabolic Conditioning

This exercise hammers everything – upper body, lower body, push, pull, grip, core – and it allows you to increase the intensity with weight or speed without getting too sloppy on form.Read more…

Men’s Fitness shares their best routine for building strength and stamina. This exercise will push your conditioning to a different level. Thing is, you’ve got to work hard on this. It doesn’t happen overnight and you may want to deviate a little bit from your comfort zone.

It’s going to be tough but if you’re consistent, then it would surely result into a success. You can train smart with these MetCon exercises.

MMA Body: Metabolic Conditioning Routine

“Face it: if you want to be lean and ripped then you’ll need to work hard. Reaching new heights in any aspect of life usually doesn’t happen in your comfort zone. You see, most people train in their comfort zone, which leads to a plateau and sometimes giving up on fitness all together. Read more…

Jeremey DuVall says that MetCon is a kind of interval training that was purposely designed to enhance the delivery of nutrients to the body via set rest and work ratios.   

The goal of metabolic conditioning is to let your body work at an increased intensity. This paves way to the delivery and storage of energy throughout the body. This involves pushing your body to the maximum capacity then resting for recovery. Then repeat the cycle.

The Ultimate 20-Minute MetCon Workout

Can you transform your body in 20 minutes? Unlikely. But can short, but intense workouts get you results over the course of several weeks? The answer could be yes. Read more…

Check out this amazing set from Senergy Fitness:


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Eirik Sandvik for says that you can fix the issue. Find out more about what causes it and the answers how to remedy this.

Pushing the knees inwards won’t give you good results. It’s not healthy for your knees too.

This inwards-knee position makes your knee-joint weaker when you subject yourself to heavy exercises.

There are those who blame weak quads as the reason but it’s not always the case. It can also mean that you have weak hips or lack of knowledge about executing proper movements. What are the causes? How can you fix it? Answers here.

Tip: Prevent Knee Collapse on Squats

While there’s been a lot of debate about shoving the knees too far out, most agree that pushing them too much inwards isn’t a good thing, at least if you want to keep your knees healthy. Read more…

Mark Kislich talks about the best method to prevent knees from buckling during your squat exercises. On, he answered the commonly-asked question: What is the best way to address and get rid of Valgus collapse during squatting under load?

Kislich responded by saying that the best way to stop this from happening is to do more squats. Why? He explains that the knees buckle because the VMO (Vastus medialis oblique) is weak. This muscle serves as a shock absorber, and it prevents it from buckling inwards.

Strengthening it should do the trick. Check out the details:

The Best Way to Prevent Your Knees from Buckling During Squats

Valgus collapse, medial knee displacement…what does all the fancy language mean? That your knees are buckling in: when squatting, landing from a jump or even when running. Read more…

Tim Petrie from says that the valgus position increases the risk for injury. It may tear the ligaments that are responsible for keeping the knee in a normal alignment. Strengthening your knee and hip muscles can be the key for improving your form.

Petrie talks about the exercises that may help you get better. It involves performing the side plank, side step-up, and stationary lunge exercises. 

Strengthening Exercises for Valgus Knee

Side plank exercises strengthen the hip abductor muscles on the outside of the thigh. These muscles help pull the knee and hip outward and away from the valgus position. Side planks can be performed lying on the affected side with the legs stacked on each other. Read more…

Watch this video from Jen Sinkler and know how to counter a valgus collapse during the barbell back squat:


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Julia Malacoff from says that if you’re someone who frequents the gym, it’s likely that you’ve been doing burpees while you’re mad, planking when you’re upset, or deadlifting when you’re happy. Fact is, the gym has witnessed all sorts of moods, and most of the time you get out of that place feeling a bit better. However, a new study says that it may bad to do some exercises if you’re really angry or upset. Here’s why:

The researchers of the study asked 12,000 people from 52 countries about their activities as well as their moods within 24 hours before they had a heart attack. The results were quite surprising: it indicated that you’ll be three times at risk for a heart attack if you exercise when upset. They found out that those who experienced the attack engaged in a workout activity and were indeed upset an hour before the attack.

Should You Skip Your Workout If You’re Really Upset?

If you’re in the habit of working out regularly, chances are you’ve hit the gym in a whole range of moods before—happy, exhausted, upset, livid. Most of the time, you’ll leave your workout feeling better than when you arrived, thanks to those endorphins you score in the process. But according to a new Circulation study, it may be risky to get your sweat on when you’re feeling super angry or upset. Read more…

The thing is, it’s not only limited to these reasons. Holly Klamer from said that when you’re even debating with yourself whether you should hit the gym or not, you probably should. There are some situations though that you really need to skip your training because it may be even more beneficial for you rather than making yourself do the work.

The author came up with a good list for skipping your routine. This includes having in pain, lack of sleep, or being sick. Check out the full details below:

Should you skip your workout today?

Most of the time when you’re debating about if you should workout or not, you probably should. If you’re debating exercising or not based just on not feeling like it, exercise anyway because you won’t regret it.

However, there are instances when skipping your workout may be more beneficial than exerting your body through exercise. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding if you should skip your workout today or not. Read more…

For author Maggie Puniewska from, she stresses the fact that we’ve come up with numerous excuses to get out of gym time. These included unplanned and sudden happy hours, bad weather conditions, or long commutes.

These may seem typical to you that’s why here are legit reasons, based on Jessica Matthews M.S., a registered yoga teacher and assistant professor of exercise. She shares some insights about the right time when you can cancel your workout.

5 Times When It’s Okay to Skip the Gym (And Not Feel Guilty)

We’ve all put working out on the back burner. Possible, though not always justifiable excuses may have included impromptu happy hours, Netflix marathons, less than ideal weather conditions, or long commutes. And while it’s important to power through these moments of vulnerability and squeeze in workouts at least a couple times a week, there are indeed times when you can (gasp!) cut yourself some slack and not feel an ounce of guilt. Read more…

But if you’re feeling a little better already, take a look at this 10-minute workout video from Popsugar Fitness:


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Arielle McFadden, author from, explains that these torch-your-abs workout can hit the spot for strengthening your core muscles. These moves are easy to execute and convenient to do.

The author talks about effective plank variations like Forearm Plank with Booty Pulses and Plank with Knee Taps. These are just a few examples from the training routine. These can get challenging but you’ll feel the results when you see that toned abdominal wall of yours. There are techniques how to perform these exercises correctly, making sure that you’re doing the right thing.

Plank Variations That Torch Your Core from All Angles

There are few moves as effective as plank pose for toning and strengthening your abs. You can do these moves anywhere for a…Read more…

Do you want to get your heart pumping? Mike Donavanik from Fitness Magazine says that this 10-minute ab workout is going to blow your mind. This will totally transform your core muscles. One great thing about this workout is that you don’t need any equipment at all.

This routine will require you to perform 10 intense exercises that’s going to aim for your ab area. Your abs will be sculpted and more defined if you follow this correctly.

The 10-Minute Ab Workout That Will Torch Your Core

This is one hardcore ab routine that will get your heart pumping. It only requires 10 minutes of your time, plus some sweat and grit—no equipment needed. The workout features 10 intense exercises that will target your entire abdominal area. Get ready to sculpt, lengthen, and define your abs for a tighter and flatter midsection. Read more…

These four moves from are useful to get you flaunt-ready. You don’t have to worry about your gym work. This only takes three minutes of your precious time!

This is an efficient way for you to spend your time, and you can get that flat stomach you’ve been yearning since last year. This is a high-intensity workout so expect that you’ll feel your body burning after just three minutes. This will define the muscles in your abdominal wall and get you pumped up for the rest of the day.

Torch Your Belly Fat In 3 Minutes With 4 Killer Moves!

BFX Studio trainer Bianca Vesco, below, has designed this high-intensity three-minute workout that will fire up your abs – and build sexy definition fast. Read more…

Here’s the actual video for the workout from


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For a great body image and ultimate shoulder stability, you’ll need total hard work to pull it off. Why don’t you start it off by developing your traps? Thick traps are indicative that an individual is dedicated to lifting. Shrugs can do the trick for you. It’s an isolation exercise that can be conveniently performed using equipment like barbells and dumbbells commonly found in the gym.

When performing this exercise, take note of the useful tips like this one: Arms down and on full extension, raise your shoulders using only your traps in a shrugging motion.

Shrug It Off

Don’t roll the shoulders forward or  back. The only line of resistance is straight up and down. Keep the head and neck in proper alignment with the spine. Too much forward movement of the head and neck can put undue strain on the cervical vertebra. Read more…

Shapefit shares these great exercise guides for shrugs. The one they focused on is the barbell shrug. These are often neglected and it shouldn’t be the case because it’s a lost opportunity. It can totally have an extreme impact on your body.

There are other exercises that enable you to work out your shoulders better but this one focuses on the most important muscle group. This workout targets your upper trapezius and rhomboids. The upper trapezius offers neck support while the rhomboids control your shoulder movement.

Barbell Shrugs – Trapezius Exercise 

Stand with your legs about shoulder width apart and hold a barbell with both hands. Using an overhand grip, allow the barbell to hang down in front of your body so that your arms are fully extended. To execute this movement, simply shrug your shoulders up while keeping your arms completely straight. Read more…

Men’s Health gives us an overview about the best traps exercises. You can change the entire shape of your upper body by committing yourself to these exercises. Having well-developed traps can definitely give you the edge. There’s no doubt about it.

Aside from improving your back and shoulder size, you get to enhance your strength when lifting. It’s quite beneficial for your arms too! Check out these exercises to transform your upper body!

The 11 Best Traps Exercises

Compared to the barbell shrug (shown on the previous slide), the dumbbell shrug places less stress on your shoulder joints. That’s because your shoulders don’t have to rotate to hold the bar. This keeps them more stable as you perform the movement. Read more…

Check out these Barbell Overhead Shrugs from Eric Cressey:


Since you want to focus on developing those traps, iForce 100% WHEY PROTEAN is going to aid your muscle growth. Consuming this will help you pump up the muscle gains in no time. It can also promote enhanced performance when you lift and it helps repair your muscles.

Surely, this is a great choice for serious bodybuilders. 

Muscle and Fitness shares this very simple move. As basic as it looks, it’s totally bound to strengthen your core. Bearing weight overhead while walking creates instability which makes you compensate by working hard to maintain your balance. This affects your posture, and it puts tension to your delts, lats, and core.

This is what they called the “Overhead Walk.” When you do this move, you’ve got to resist the urge to lean back or to one side while you walk. You will use a kettle bell when you perform this move.

You can find a more detailed instruction here:

Take a Weighted Walk to Shred Your Abs

Holding a weight overhead while walking may seem simple, but the instability it creates forces you to work hard to maintain an even posture, which seriously taxes the delts, lats, and core in the process. Resist the urge to lean back or to one side while you walk. Read more…

Breaking Muscle discusses the ways you can train your body for holding heavy weights overhead. First, let’s discuss the waiter’s walk. It might just be the exercise for you: stabilize your shoulders and increase your strength while executing this move.

You can perform this by holding a weight overhead and walking. You can use one kettle bell or if you want a more challenging move, use two. If you don’t have this type of equipment, you can use a barbell with a snatch or jerk grip. It works just fine.

Each variation outlined here works well. If you use one kettle bell, your obliques and your spinal erectors help you stabilize the body while doing some extra work. The double kettle bell or barbell variations improve your ability to lock out under load and enhance your mobility.

Train Your Body To Love Holding Heavy Weights Overhead

It is important to take care of the wrist in this movement. Take a look at the wrists in the picture below. If you push heavy weights overhead, your wrist should be as straight as possible. Allowing it to bend back can lead to wrist injuries. I see many people with wrist issues as they begin CrossFit. My best guess for why this happens is that they allow the wrist to bend back in catching the jerk and snatch. Wrist wraps are not the solution. Building a powerful connection between your hands and shoulder is. Read more…

Dragon Door discusses the different machines and devices available at your local gym. In this day and age, it’s not only technology that evolves. Practically, everything around us, from the simplest to the most complex of devices change over time.

This includes gym equipment as well. We are surrounded by these everyday and we do our best to get creative workouts out of these things. They promise a stronger core, stabilized body, and improved mobility. Well, the thing is, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

If you want all around, full-body, multi-tasking compound exercises, use kettle bells with loaded carries. It’s the most convenient of all: you can even take them wherever you want to go. Plus, walking with weights is a safe activity and works your body to the core.

How to Enhance Your Whole-Body Strength Using Loaded Kettlebell Carries and The Spiderman Crawl

Today, most cities have many well-equipped gyms. And the equipment at these facilities is designed to make training “smooth and easy”. We are surrounded—nearly attacked—by innovative devices and ever more creative exercises which are supposed to miraculously strengthen the core, develop stability, improve mobility—and train the whole body. Read more…

If you want an extreme variation, check out this Overhead Yoke Carry with Rob Orlando from CrossFit®:


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You can pump up your energy levels using this drink. Even your strength and endurance will be enhanced once you take this formula. Your body will feel hydrated and this means more time allotted for your gym sessions. Focus and concentration are just some of the additional benefits.

Most of the time, we do certain exercises to improve a specific body part. We workout just so we can sculpt our abs, legs and arms. But what happens to our backs? Daily Burn says that our back muscles end up neglected. It’s easy to take these for granted. We forget that this is what we use when we do either the most difficult tasks or the easiest activities.

Every day, we use our back for a particular purpose: carrying grocery bags up a flight of stairs or squatting to pick up something on the ground. You might consider these as typical but you have to know, your back is the one responsible for stabilizing your body. It practically supports your arm gestures, balance and leg work.

It is involved in every move your body makes and it anchors your body. There are so many muscles in the human back: there are overlapping muscles and these are divided into different groups. Most of these are not used especially if we end up sitting at our desks the entire day.

Sculpt a Stronger Back With These 5 Moves

It’s easy to take for granted how much we use our back muscles every day. Whether it’s lifting bags of groceries up a flight up stairs or squatting down to pick up something off the floor, we use our backsides to carry out the most complex and simplest tasks. Read more…

Body Rock TV tells us that these bodyweight exercises can help you with your back. It’s up to you how you can maximize your routine using these effective workouts.

People who want to get fit focus on other parts of the body. The attention usually goes to the legs, butts, and abs. These are the parts of the body that we see often, so it’s normal for people to think that they should be enhanced.

However, these are not the only muscle groups that you need. One of the most important muscle groups is your back. You can achieve a sleek and lean look if you make this the center of your attention. Just for a change in perspective, try to give it a total workout.

If it’s muscle definition that you’re after, then we got this one covered. If you want to prevent injury and correct your posture, you’re in luck. These moves can make all the difference for you and your posterior:

8 Bodyweight Moves To Sculpt A Strong Back

Many people spend their majority of their workout time focusing on the their legs, butts, and abs. Given that these are the muscles we see most often, and the ones that seem to get the most glory, this tendency makes complete sense. Read more… says that these are the top three exercises for your posterior area. It’s time to trust the experts. If you want to define the muscles in your posterior area, sculpt your rear using these exercises that would turn heads.

A woman with a good posture and a great upper back is a head-turner. However, a lot of women usually overlook back training. They don’t see it when they look at the mirror. Most aren’t aware how important this part really is.

Strengthening the muscles in the posterior area would have a great impact in your entire appearance. Great posture is a big factor that can even make you look thinner without having to lose any fat.

Ask the Celebrity Trainer: Top 3 Moves for a Strong, Sexy Back

From an aesthetic point of view, strengthening the muscles in your upper back and shoulders will have a tremendous impact on your posture, which is a commonly undervalued component of improving the way you look. In fact, great posture can even make you look leaner without losing any body fat at all. Read more…

Check BodyRock’s 8 Body Weight Moves To Sculpt A Strong Back


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It will give you an optimum energy level rush so you can perform your workouts efficiently. It can even give you the capacity to sustain your body all throughout the workout sesh. No crash, just pure adrenaline. Now, tell us, who doesn’t want this kind of effect?

Men’s Fitness talks about the kind of cardio workouts for the person who doesn’t like cardio. This one’s a total game-changer for you lazy folks. Trust us, these aren’t going to suck at all.

When you work out, you simply hate the thought of sweat dripping from your forehead and cheeks. You just don’t like doing this exercise at all. You hate the mills and you’re scared that your muscle percentage might fall below your standards. Time to change that thought. 

Cardio’s got a lot of benefits. It will definitely drop your muscles fast if you do it in an extreme way. However, doing cardio in a smart way, is definitely a strategic plan to boost your muscle building. Along with strength training, it’s an effective way to boost cognition and make you live longer. You can sustain your muscle mass if you combine these two training principles.

8 Cardio Workouts For The Guy Who Hates Cardio Workouts

YOU WORK HARD to stack on muscle and the thought of sweating through cardio makes you cringe—maybe because you hate clocking time on the treadmill, or because you fear your well-earned muscle will take a hit. Well, we’re here to change that mindset. Read more…

The Fitness Blender gives a similar approach. This is a dynamic combination: Cardio HIIT and Strength Training. It’s low impact and it’s got toning effects on your body. Imagine burning 216 to 378 calories in just a little over 28 minutes. All you need to have is a dumbbell and get working.

These two kinds of exercises can be time consuming when done separately. We’re busy with our daily schedules, especially those who work day jobs while juggling family life. This is a good combo because it will totally save you time without compromising the quality of the workout. 

These are exercises that were blended together to create moves that put emphasis on multiple body parts and muscle groups. It trains the upper and lower body but it also increases the demand on the cardiovascular level which gives off the same results as a traditional cardio routine.

Brutal Fat Burning Cardio HIIT + Dynamic Total Body Strength Training – FB Blend

Fat burning HIIT exercises and strength training supersets come together to create a brutal but fun sweatfest in this workout that takes under 30 minutes out of your day. You can find this workout, as well as 8 weeks worth of similar workouts, in our brand new 8 Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People Round 2 (featuring workouts 30 minutes or less). Read more…

Muscle and Fitness shares an entirely extreme approach compared to the previous ones. This is what you call the CrossFit workout. The name of the routine is: THE RUN WOD. You might hate running but you will definitely love the outcome of this brutal and intense workout.

CrossFitters always follow programs that would require them to alter moves, reps, weights and time. These variables are the main components of this discipline. This means that you will be exposed to a variety of exercises, loads, and rep schemes.

Running is a basic human movement, and it’s also a standard exercise for most people. In CrossFit, it is an important part of being physically prepared. Often times, you’ll find that it’s mixed with various movements. This time, we’re going to do a running workout. However, just to set your expectations, this is not your typical running on the hill routine.

Crossfit Workout: The Run Wod

CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity,” and following such a program means always having to alter movements, reps, weights, and time domains. The CrossFit workouts we’ve covered in CrossFit Corner over the past year often included a wide variety of movements, loads, and rep schemes. But single-modality workouts-workouts that only incorporate one movement are also a big part of CrossFit. Read more…

The FitnessBlender shows a Brutal Anaerobic Threshold HIIT – Fat Burning HIIT Cardio:

We know how intense it can be when you’re doing cardio. That’s why we recommend the supplement, Potassium Nitrate. This is a good way to go if you want to stay hydrated after your workout. It’s full of electrolytes that keep your nutrients balanced throughout the day.

Potassium is also known for numerous benefits. It acts as an electrolyte, gives you a better performance and it even lowers cramping episodes due to dehydration. See the product below: